“ A Little Girl ” ~ for so little time ~

A little girl tender,

For a short while

A singular child,

Gentle yet bold,

Till closing on old

Destines to unfold…


Ah little girl mine

For so little time,

How you so grow

Too fast to follow,

Harder to mind

You’ve need of cover

To suffer words hollow,

The while discover

A rather hard swallow,

From all who ill choose

Find need to express,

Their sorry dim views…


Alas till the day

Humans so face,

Need find the way

To wholly embrace,

Child whose fate

Be a tiny step late,

But stir our desire

For little girl child,

Whose but few words

Finds love that inspires!

4 thoughts on ““ A Little Girl ” ~ for so little time ~

    • Hey Paulette,

      Thank you for that. As explained this is the 2nd posting , due to a WordPress mix-up on the 1st… She’s a very special little girl to me, my daughter’s, growing fast growing out of “The Hidden Pearl” I had written about a while ago, and recently published on my blog. Fate does have its way, on both sides of the spectrum. Jean-Jacques

      • I saw it was posted again and just enjoyed it all the more the second time around. So lovely and especially now after reading what you wrote about your daughter. I had a very special relationship with my father and can relate on the receiving end. Thank you, dear friend. Paulette

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