“ A lonely Kiss ” ~ giving life a soul ~

A lonely kiss

Be but a gift,

Said for too long

Was made to wait,

With no one there

Mindful of its bliss…


Wouldst not a kiss

Chose designate,

A proper mate

To want embrace,

Be surely more

Than but a gift…


Hence ensues way

This kiss per se

Remains alive,

To so express

Its fated place,

Of giving life

A stake for soul

Thus meant to be,

Alas its august goal!


5 thoughts on ““ A lonely Kiss ” ~ giving life a soul ~

    • Thank you Paulette…there are times when I need remove myself from sociological observations and the like, for things of the heart expressed in an abstract way or indulged on a fanciful level. I’m afraid I am not a very disciplined poetry writer, of sorts. That influence I left way back when we were taught poetry format etc. Long since disappeared. That you an accomplished author and others appreciate the work, remains my true reward. Jean-Jacques

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