“ The Child ” ~ questions of longevity ~

Of a liveable world

Once meant for all,

What can remain

Of yet to fall,

With man’s excesses

And phlegmatic legacy

Suffers the child,

Who now has need

Question longevity,

As wary he be

Of human appetite,

Over indulging

Self-serving wants,

Fatedly damning,  

The child’s survival!

7 thoughts on ““ The Child ” ~ questions of longevity ~

    • Thank you Paulette. For what it’s worth, this poem and the previous one, plus quite a few others of my recent posted poems will appear in the 2nd edition of my 2nd book, “Matters” ~ of body and soul ~, which I’ve just completed, and soon to be in print. Soon being a month or so.


      • That’s wonderful Paulette! I will definitely let you know as soon as this 2nd edition of “Matters” ~ body and soul ~ goes to print. I will also send you a copy by mail, and yes of course sampling a poem with its announcement is a great idea. I am so very touched by your care and generosity, as is Marianne, that I will will never be able to thank you enough.

        And a very good day to you, dear friend. Jean-Jacques

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