“ Raison d’Être ” ~ by design ~

You plough

Through life

At first uncertain

Of the reason,

You learn endeavour

Not sure of purpose

For its season,

Then search

The darkness

With youthful zeal,

For meaning

‘Twould serve

To understand,

By what design

Life holds a measure

Of raison d’être…


Now you’ve gone

Journey beyond,

Inclined you pause,

If you’re to find

A worthy cause,

With or without

Said raison d’être!

12 thoughts on ““ Raison d’Être ” ~ by design ~

    • Those of us sufficiently fortunate to live long enough, get the chance to put it to the test. Father died at 39, so I’ve worked to experiment for both of us. Jean-Jacques

      • Oh no, 39 is way too young. You look like you’ve well surpassed that and figured out how to continue on. Your exceptionally upbeat attitude will count for a lot to keep you around for many more years, and a loving family, including your adorable furry kids.

        All the men in my husband’s family on his father’s side died in their early 60s. My husband, now 68 and I keep a very close eye on keeping him healthy and happy. He does the same for me, thankfully.

        Life is beautiful and way too short.


    • Paulette Mahurin’s closing comment on blogging Poetry on a canapé’s, Raison dÊtre poem… Make every moment count. Wishing all my blogger friends joy, peace, health and a lot of laughter.
      choiceandcourage blogger reply… Wishing you the same, Paulette! And then some more!

  1. There are more comments from others at my site of those who really love your poem. Please feel free to stop by and comment back to them if you’d like. You are always welcome through my cyber doors and I love when my friends connect up and chat with each other.

    • Yes Paulette… I just had a look and am very touched by all the response. You are an amazingly generous person to take so much time and trouble on my behalf, as if you didn’t have enough on your plate as it is. I shall forever be beholden to you, dear friend.

      Not a usual thing for me to be at a loss for words, but in this instance I am indeed unable to find words that can do justice to your concern and kindness toward me. Thank you can never be enough. Jean-Jacques

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