“ Mindful of Time ” ~ for endless days ~

If I could slow

The pace,

My mind

So takes in haste,

Wouldst shorten so

The race,

Allowing life fair taste…


Thus I should pine

Days be as when,

A child then

Could barely wait

For long day’s end,

Whereas I’m now

Mindful of time,

Long I for endless days!

4 thoughts on ““ Mindful of Time ” ~ for endless days ~

    • You might have missed the point somewhat. The endless days I speak of are those shunned by early youth because of disorganized impatience. That we long for endless days in later life is a dream of being able to maximize that “activity” you and the rest of us enjoy, and who want to live life to its fullest. There is no illusion involved, there is the sad reality that time goes faster as we age, ergo days end too fast. Jean-Jacques Fournier

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