“ Hurting ” ~ fit apprehensive ~

I’ve edgy fear

Of distressing

People dear,

Never wanting

Nor be hurtful,

Lest evoking 

Cause for tears,

Or upsetting

Their tranquility…


Thus so I be

Fit apprehensive,

Of they who feed

On wilful hurting!

7 thoughts on ““ Hurting ” ~ fit apprehensive ~

    • Silence too can hurt, yes! for all the reasons you list and then some. Silence as opposed to horrendous noise, for example is of great comfort, where silence as a response to an insult is a winning revenge. Ah…language, what a marvellous tool. To further emphasize my point, I attach a copy of an article titled ” Ian on Sunday” by a long ago friend, brilliant as well as published author and poet.



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