“ Being Perfect ” ~ within ones imperfections ~

There’s perfection

In my intent,

And high purpose

Of objectives,

Tho often I fail reach

Dedication I so seek,

That which heighten

My pursuits

To avoid mediocrity,                                                                 

Ever poised to posture

Over looming insufficiency…


Thus I struggle

To construct,

Words of import

Meritorious as I must,

Apposed in a fashion

To inspire interaction,

Being perfect my resolve,

Like a more inspired fellow

May find in imperfection!


“ Cross My Heart ” ~ and hope to live ~

Cross my heart

And hope to live,

Long enough

That I may give,


To those known

For helpful deeds,

Who give far more

Than they have sown,

Cross my heart

And hope to share,

All I possess

The while I’m there!



“ A Vertigo State ” ~ of imbroglio ~

Haltingly I advance, 

With anxious strides

Somewhat askance,

When motion bides

To find me suffer,

Life’s equilibrium

Has near gone adrift…


As tho in a trance

In a vertigo state

Of imbroglio,

I reach to survive

Only to recognize,

A world dehumanized

By man’s indifference,

That exhibits alas

A self-serving egoism,

And ultimate reality

Of fellowman’s apathy!

“ Such Friends ” ~ to discover ~

There are friends

You take a lifetime

To discover,

And such friends

Who make a lifetime

A discovery

Worth the journey…



In that between,

There is a friend

With such affinity,

As to instantly

Be a lifetime friend,


I’ve such a friend!

                                                     ode to Pierre Ste.Marie, 

                                                                                  such a friend.