“ Cross My Heart ” ~ and hope to live ~

Cross my heart

And hope to live,

Long enough

That I may give,


To those known

For helpful deeds,

Who give far more

Than they have sown,

Cross my heart

And hope to share,

All I possess

The while I’m there!



8 thoughts on ““ Cross My Heart ” ~ and hope to live ~

    • And an old line indeed I have crossed, as it goes back to a rather dating childhood, when it was a popular saying, especially for young girls who would confirm they were telling the truth by saying,” Cross my heart and hope to die”.

      However as I am not yet ready to go as far as dyeing, I thought I’d explore it with ~ hope to live ~ and to it attach a positive spin message, we so much need in our present day world of indifference. Perhaps a voice in the wilderness , but nevertheless a voice with persuasive intent. Jean-Jacques

  1. An incredible reflection of the great person you are!

    Thanks for your kind word’s on my Poem that was featured.
    I loved the compliments and the little bit of advice at the bottom haha!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to not only read my Poem but for willing to give a newbie some advice, and for checking out my first ever creation! (My Ravens Eye Poem)

    You always compose poems that shock me to my core with strong vivacious emotions, to say you are talented and indeed a professional is the understatement of the year.

    • How very kind of you to offer such high praise, though far more than my words deserve. However I accept gladly your generous and encouraging accolades, and I thank you.

      As to poems that shock, your confirmation of this is reward in itself, for it is my hope to do just that, shock everyone, myself included. Thus so if but to expose what is off, and what we have a tendency to sweep under the rug. Or to ignore or forget that saying nothing is giving licence to destruction. So hone and use your young talent to cry out against injustice, as every voice counts, and makes a difference. Jean-Jacques Fournier

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