“ A Vertigo State ” ~ of imbroglio ~

Haltingly I advance, 

With anxious strides

Somewhat askance,

When motion bides

To find me suffer,

Life’s equilibrium

Has near gone adrift…


As tho in a trance

In a vertigo state

Of imbroglio,

I reach to survive

Only to recognize,

A world dehumanized

By man’s indifference,

That exhibits alas

A self-serving egoism,

And ultimate reality

Of fellowman’s apathy!


7 thoughts on ““ A Vertigo State ” ~ of imbroglio ~

  1. Imbroglio is a splendid word, and I must take you to task on this idea of your fellow man’s apathy. What apathy do you mean? Look at all this splendid blogging … people all over the world pouring out their creativity for no money and little recognition. From this, and many other signs, I see people as longing to contribute, longing to be a part, longing to assist. The longing may be masked with indifference, cynicism or many other disguises, and yet it is there and just waiting the chance to spring forth.

    • You are absolutely right, about we the minutely small proportion of the literate world, speaking out and poking at society, trying to make a difference.

      However you can take me to task all you want, but that will not eliminate man’s apathy of which I speak. Look around beyond the people longing that you see,( though longing doesn’t resolve nor does it prove anything for me), and you may notice that our fellowman in general is far too busy looking after number one, not to be apathetic. Sorry but there hasn’t been too much evidence lately to prove man has improved to the level you seem to claim. Waiting for the chance to spring forth you say, my eternal optimist friend. I love the thought. Jean-Jacques Fournier

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