“ The Soondoers ” ~ best undertake ~


No time to waste

For life ahead

Gives but a taste,

Of one imagined

May have lead

To thus embrace,

Far more years,

Than felt be stead…


Hence advocate

All ye soondoers,

Of dubious soon,

Best undertake

Chose to live life,

Before too late

When fate so rules

On your expiry date!

5 thoughts on ““ The Soondoers ” ~ best undertake ~

    • Thank you… And oh yes, a difficult state of endurance, for an impatient young perfectionist. One who hasn’t time for “mañana” mindsets. Fortunately they grow out of these self-impositions, by disciplining themselves to move from double A to a calm B personality types, soon enough to remain alive and write about all kinds of traits and personae.

    • Thank you for taking a peek at my site. Nice of you to let me know that it is of interest. I am aware of your work which I found most interesting, as you possibly know by now, thru Paulette Mahurin’s Perseqution of Mildred Dunlap site. I don’t know if you were seeking out ‘Poetry on a canapé, regardless I am pleased that you did find me.
      Jean-Jacques Fournier

      • I seek anything and everything. And I am quite surprise to see a treasury of poetry. Lovely. BTW. Thanks for following me. Then, I will always remember to come and visit you. Please to meet you, JJF. Perpetua.

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