“ Such Friends ” ~ to discover ~

There are friends

You take a lifetime

To discover,

And such friends

Who make a lifetime

A discovery

Worth the journey…



In that between,

There is a friend

With such affinity,

As to instantly

Be a lifetime friend,


I’ve such a friend!

                                                     ode to Pierre Ste.Marie, 

                                                                                  such a friend.  



7 thoughts on ““ Such Friends ” ~ to discover ~

  1. I enjoy poetry and I admire people who can write a poem. This poem reminded me of a good friend (RIP) and I constantly ask her “what about in between times?” And we made a journey until the end. More than a worth while friend. Lovely poem. Thank you. Perpetua.

    • Thank you for generous words. The kind with which we scribblers nourish our ruthless appetites to suffer a never ending need to write, that keeps the likes of me reasonably sane. Jean-Jacques Fournier

      • Suffer, no need to suffer. Keep on writing for we do have an appetite to devour every word that is worthy like yours. Perpetua.

      • To suffer as in to experience or sustain, an addictive need to write, and so survive. Your kind of support and encouragement, such as you expressed now and earlier, is the nourishment of which I speak, and thank you! JJ

    • Thank you for that… and in passing I would add that in time I discovered such friends be so rare as to render the task of expressing one’s sentiment on the subject is made easy and rewarding. Jean-Jacques Fournier

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