“ Agonies ” ~ of an aspiring poet ~



Words swirl round

A restive head,

Like leaves scatter

On autumn winds,

As reach I in vain

To save words thin

From ensuing rain,

As I awake to tears

Lo threaten blur

Words I propose,

Thought cogent prose…


Hence agonize

To give words life,

Probing to shape


As in a duel of fate

Each dubious choice,

Be cause poem unfolds…


Whilst I persist

To disgorge such,

The like express

Words nobly knit,

Tho they oft trap

Rather than flow,

Or eke in anguish

Desperate whispers,

Of an aspiring poet!


6 thoughts on ““ Agonies ” ~ of an aspiring poet ~

    • I’m happy to hear that you do, and that you took the time to say so. It’s a poem that is close to my heart, having lived with writing poetry for some 35 years plus, and in a somewhat more serious driven approach for the last 20 years or so. Thanks again for you encouragement. Jean-Jacques Fournier

    • Ah! My dear Paulette, the one advantage of years, is that the long ago more easily springs to mind the memorabilia of what it was like then, and to a lesser degree fortunately, what it is still like, trying to tell a tale in the stingy affords of poetry. But your kind words be nothing less than food for inspiration, and for this I am forever grateful, because it keeps me writing and alive.

      Jean-Jacques Fournier

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