“ Nobody Hears ” ~ their silent fear ~



Nobody here

Nor still remain,

Who could recall

A time you’d hear

The wailing sound

Of a lonely train…

Nobody hears

A falling man

In silent fear,

Aiming to board

A moving train,

Due to misfortune              

Common as rain…


No one recalls

Men it did carry

Living in tatters

From life disasters,

Looking to find

The new deal trail,

Riding the rails…


Nobody cares

For marginal man,

And nobody hears                

The desperate dead,

Who rode the rails

Looking to find,

Jobs of any kind

To pay for bread,

Would keep him alive         

In the terrible thirties!                                               ode to Joseph Bernier

                                                                                                citizen of the 1930’s


“ Umbilicus ” ~ on second thought ~


It’s a near duty

Beholding beauty,

This navel so bold

Of notable splendor,

A circular wonder

Enchanting this knot,

Be nature’s creation,

Alleged be assembled

A deliberate baffle,

Or should you insist

An abyss gone amiss…


I can but confess

The lady is blessed,

And fortune abides

Exposing with pride,

A mesmeric grin

And abdominal bide,

With all of the flair

Courage will bare,

To show ye therein

Her navel of beauty

Be not just a knot,

But rather a pearl

In the mist of a kiss,

Inlayed on the swirl

Of a velvety curl,

This umbilicus bliss!


“ The Lost ” ~ that so abound ~


In small cafes

I sit and watch

The sad array,

Of they who rove

And so abound

In scraggly drifts,

Each trying day

Seen as misfits,

Their daily round,

Whose sapping woes

Frames doleful lives…


I linger here

To write of life,

Might they rebound

The while describe

Their sad parade,

Save that they drown,

Has me compose

That, which defines,

Their faces fade,                                                                                

In darkest shades

Said have you blind…


Alas this potpourri

I see a poor writ play,

Yet façade of reality

Of wretched beings  

Moving mindlessly,

Searching for a soul                                    

Desperate to be whole,                                                                    

And on a likely ground 

Where being lost                                                                            

Be but for underground!


“ They Walk Alone ” ~ in a deathlike beat ~


They walk alone

On crowded streets

Of vacant beings,

Human refuse

On weary feet,

Move to the rhythm

Of a deathlike beat,

Hopeless mortals

Search for refuge

On a road lost,

In a faceless world…


Most lay in wait

For their decay

To transfer hells,

While in false hope

These human shells

Pray fate awakes,

To so impel

Their fellow man

Extend a hand,

Before too late

When in a final hell,

They forever walk alone!


“ The Sum Of Me ” ~ plus flesh and bone ~


It be but flesh

And bone

This body

I have owned,

Since abandoning

The womb,

But until now

The sum of me

Was but life form,

In a world not flown…


As time gave shape

To fasten so within

Contours of my fate,

Wisdom took its place

Apposite to its state,

To have mind thrive

Should I by then survive

And so to cast about,

Tho if to grow alone

Would then want rest,

With not a heart of stone

Within my aging bones,

Alas with but the sum of me!


“ The Other Side ” ~ of nowhere ~


‘Tis a state of mind

Where apotheosis be,

A paradise uncharted

That infers be sanity,

In a situate must see

Where life be the kind

Beings of worth inhabit,

Though but a dream

Of fortuitous escapade,

Free of man’s depravity

And iniquitous charades,

Be a world we left behind

With its sad life in decline,

Thus a new side to brave

Set in a state of mind,

Evokes we should find

The other side, of nowhere!