“ A Secret ” ~ I’ve to die with ~


I’ve had secrets

Rate not keep,

Some by and by

Merit not a peep,

And one or two

Made me so blue

I’d  gave a bye…


But I’ve a secret

Shades my life,

I’m made to keep

Tho cannot share,

Thus held to bear

In futile weep,

Without concede

While I’m awake

Or in my sleep,

A secret gloats

As my soul bleeds,

Yet stays afloat

And implies feed

Upon its need,

To be a  secret

I’ve to die with! 



7 thoughts on ““ A Secret ” ~ I’ve to die with ~

    • To the first point, a fine observation indeed, which from you I would not have expected anything less. . Now to the second, what can I say as if I told, it would no longer be a secret, be it mine or someone else’s Jean-Jacques

    • A good comment, and a very good ploy… Though me thinks wee me detects a lawyer’s trick and mind at work. At which point I beg differ with the ploy, for the poem thinks like a poet whose mind lives in his heart, that speaks a shared language and intent. If your theory held true, it would but suggest that no one who has secrets, which we all have dead or alive, would not want share their lives with anyone at all, be it mother, father, brother, sister, nor husband, wife, and friend or lover . A strange world that would be, for poetry or me. Jean-Jacques Fournier

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