“ A Little More Time ” ~ save to mark time ~



A little more time

To recall a mood

I’d left behind,

When early in life

I’d been too busy,

Save to mark time…


A little more time

To live with candour,

Discover my other,

Whom I’d forsaken

For visions of grandeur…


A little more time

To make room for soul,

Treated more kindly

More wisely than bold…


A little more time

To shake free shock

That life passes blindly,

Overriding the clock…


A little more time

To share a measure

Of neglected kindness,

And taste the pleasure                                           

Of compassionateness…


A little more time

To recapture the scent

Of evocative memories,

With all of their follies

As life chose be meant!



6 thoughts on ““ A Little More Time ” ~ save to mark time ~

    • Thank you dear lady. It’s kind of a wake up call, as though I need be nudged that time is blinking away, faster than I can keep up. Jean-Jacques Fournier

  1. JJ, merci;
    si peu de mots pour un sens si précis. Un style que je ne connaissais pas(le tien) .
    Devant une telle prose, c’en est un peu intimidant de coucher ces qq. mots sur cet écran blanc.
    Oui, peu de mots, mais beaucoup de précision et de sensibilité, et ce, tour de force, avec un panache certain.
    Jeu de mots, jeu d’esprit, raffinement qui traduisent un long cheminement responsable de la paix, la douce sérénité ressenties dans ces écrits.
    Félicitations JJ, privilégiés de vous connaitre,
    Kathleen & Alain D.

    • This is not very poetic on my part, but what the hey. It’s the fastest, most direct, most precise (economy of words, my constant aim) reply, my limited knowledge of the English language allows me. Thus so to express my appreciation of being the recipient of such a kind, touching and beautifully composed message from two of the nicest people I know, acknowledging my scribbles. The privilege is indeed mine! Thank you, thank you ever so.

      Jean-Jacques Fournier

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