“ Nobody Hears ” ~ their silent fear ~



Nobody here

Nor still remain,

Who could recall

A time you’d hear

The wailing sound

Of a lonely train…

Nobody hears

A falling man

In silent fear,

Aiming to board

A moving train,

Due to misfortune              

Common as rain…


No one recalls

Men it did carry

Living in tatters

From life disasters,

Looking to find

The new deal trail,

Riding the rails…


Nobody cares

For marginal man,

And nobody hears                

The desperate dead,

Who rode the rails

Looking to find,

Jobs of any kind

To pay for bread,

Would keep him alive         

In the terrible thirties!                                               ode to Joseph Bernier

                                                                                                citizen of the 1930’s



9 thoughts on ““ Nobody Hears ” ~ their silent fear ~

    • The kind of favorite uncle who lived thru those terrible thirties, for a time on the rails. The kind that was there when and after the young father dies, and an eleven year old boy needs an encouraging word.

  1. Hellos Sir,
    Would it interest to you to do a guest post on my blog? Contribute to my recent series of poems – with one alphabet as a muse at a time?
    Let me know if you’re up for it..
    ~Best Wishes~

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