“ Nobody Hears ” – a silent fear –

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“ Nobody Hears ”

            – a silent fear –

Nobody’s here

Or now remain,

Who can recall

A time you’d hear

That lonely call,

Of a wailing train…

Nobody hears

Of fallen men,

In silent fear

Chose to board,

A moving train

Taunt be scored,

By razzing peers…


Nobody recalls

The men aboard,

Living in tatters

Said their afford,

From 30’s disaster

To ride the rails,

Desperate to find

That new deal bail…


Nobody tended

To marginal man,

And few could hear                

His hopeless stand,

As he rode the rails

In a half baked plan,

Save chance survive          

By toil of some kind,

But to thus stay alive

In the terrible thirties!    

   ode to Uncle Joseph Bernier

                                                       of Valleyfield and Huntington PQ

                                                        imperiled by 1930’s depression


                  © Jean-Jacques Fournier  



9 thoughts on ““ Nobody Hears ” – a silent fear –

    • The kind of favorite uncle who lived thru those terrible thirties, for a time on the rails. The kind that was there when and after the young father dies, and an eleven year old boy needs an encouraging word.

  1. Hellos Sir,
    Would it interest to you to do a guest post on my blog? Contribute to my recent series of poems – with one alphabet as a muse at a time?
    Let me know if you’re up for it..
    ~Best Wishes~

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