“ The Prodigy ” ~ of conception ~


I’ve travelled since                                                 

Beyond that birth,

I could not know

In mother’s darkness,

A black night’s swallow

Taking life form

To journey my way out,

Pushing thru a state

Of her laborious pain,

Till life flails about

For reasons hazy

I know not to explain,

Or why now be without

The comfort of her reign…


Thus epoch thin

That underside,

Of child’s memory

Natures proscribe,                              

Where life begins

Tho details of a million

Must stay afloat

In shadows left within,

Yet matter of account

Survives not giant step,

As bond to womb dissolves

And blurs its natal travel,

To vanish at birth’s arrival…


Alas the comfort

Of birth’s darkness    

Long ago abandoned,

Now too lies buried

In a gentle mother’s grave!



6 thoughts on ““ The Prodigy ” ~ of conception ~

    • So many years of wondering on a personal level (by an extremely curious person, like all who write) and a constant reminder of two daughters who have produced nine children between them, seven and two. Jean-Jacques Fournier

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