“ Incongruous ” ~ this fantasy journey ~


I’ve journeyed

Near and far,

But none akin


To a nightmare

So bizarre,

Out of body,

In a place

Said Myanmar…


There soaring high

Astride a giant dove,

In surreal fashion

The while above,

See people scurry

In erotic stead,

Copulating clumsily

In a medieval bed,

Boldly flaunting

They be walking dead,

Swirling seamlessly 

In my out of body head…


Though images do fade

They to the end resist,

As hell  I chose not dwell

Nor in a black night’s mist,

So incongruous will I miss,

If again this  journey tends!


4 thoughts on ““ Incongruous ” ~ this fantasy journey ~

  1. Interesting that you connect to the point of focusing of a line that happens to highlight the tone of of the poem, that which illustrates the bleakness of man’s inhumanity. Very perceptive lady indeed.

  2. Yes it really is humorous how issues like this one begin looking extremely unimportant compared to the world events. The next page of the cold war, the actual authentic war that erupts, Russia-China gas deal axis… Yet here we are with this social media problems, – can we notice the world has altered? I am not stating what you write about is unimportant, I am declaring a certain degree of detachment is healthful. Thanks, Sarah

    • You are so right Sarah about world events, and what man and his greed has done or rather not done for this world. And yes detachment to a certain extent is positive as it allows sane people to remain so in the wake of being subjected to the effects of the powerful and their incompetence as to managing our world in a positive and humane way while keeping their greed in check. Thus fantasizing as in detachment you speak of, might be another way of handling the stressful pressures we humans must live with. Much like the detachment you offer in your ‘Ponce de Leon Fountain of youth’ kind of products, that you try to make people believe can keep them young looking with your version of the fountain of youth. Thanks for the enlightening window. Jean-Jacques

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