“ Ideology ” ~ no rhyme or reason ~


Must I reason

Human or humane

Be the apposite

For sapient homo ,

He whom we call man

At best a dubious being,

Yet mythically infer

Will lead to a safe haven

For his fellow creatures,

Who bask blindly

In naive assumption

Man be truly human,

When his inhumanness

Be without measure

Of rhyme or reason,

Begs question ideology,

Held man as being human!


2 thoughts on ““ Ideology ” ~ no rhyme or reason ~

  1. I’m not sure where you’re getting your information, but great topics.
    I need to spend some time learning more and understanding more.
    Thanks for excellent information.

    • My information as you put it comes from life lived, and that of others all around us, which includes you as well if you belong to this world. All this to say that I write from my observations thru eyes and ears that has seen and heard enough to fill another lifetime, if I was to be granted a second life. The aforementioned is the stuff of what I ply to create the poetry that I write and obviously you are reading. Thus ends your first lesson for you to learn and understand more, of this art ( you refer to as information) that has caught your eye, and to my great pleasure allowed me to introduce you to poetry. Thank you for tapping in, and don’t stop. JJF

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