“ Brother ” ~ just for a time ~


I heard it said

Men’s fortunes died,

And later read

Near nation wide,

While few survived

Were to have cried,

Brother please

Can you spare a dime,

Alas a prelude to the times…


It’s now my stead

Afore I’m meant to die,

Or you’d have read

About my defunct hide,

Tho I shan’t beg a dime

Might you not now

Allow yourself to doubt,

Another’s take

On our alleged debate,

For soon too we be gone,

So spare the while alive

Just for a time,

To be that brother mine!

                                                                              ode to a lost brother



“ Earth Space ” ~ in a deadly race ~


Pending we find

Before our space


And spent

Ourselves in time

At carnage rate,

Ignorant of plight

To desolate

What we have left

In a deadly race,

Too soon reduced

To depleted space,

Of carved out caves,

We surely face

A dire need to stave,

Forces waiting hungrily

Like lowly knaves,

Who’ll greedily engage,

Our precious space,

Albeit by then our grave!


“ Autumn Leaves ” ~ on a shivery eve ~


As autumn leaves

A shivery eve,

Shadows fall

Upon my mind,

Obscuring shades

While vista fades,

I’m made to feel

Nature betrayed

What summer gave

In sun filled days…


Thus autumn leaves

My soul behind,

A summer hostage

Of pleas ignored

To keep alive,

Fair weather skies

And butterflies …


Soon winter’s blast

Will cast a haze,

To chase the last

Of autumn leaves,                                                        

And Frost said Jack

Will come awake

In a world grey,

And blustery wake…


Tho I’d turn back

Fall season’s clock,

Nature chose hold

Its mortal code,

For Thanatos

To now wrest

Last season’s hold

On autumn leaves,

To thus make way,                             

For winter’s cold!


“ The Alternative ” ~ living serendipitous quest ~


I try decide

If worth remains

Be but prosaic ride,

In life sustained

That ought derive,

A sense of feel

Beyond just alive…


Hence so to find

That level in time,

I’ll need so strive

To thus contain,

Time marked

By temporal stains,

That reappear

In shades of pied fear…


The alternative bides

Tho we testily scorn

What fate decides,

Of longevity’s thorns

As eventual prize,

Be living with zest

For remaining alive,

In serendipitous quest!