“ While I Live ” ~ to not forget ~


The while I live,

Help me now

To not forget,

Afore I reach

I’m not to feel

Being near,

Or ever more

Able to hear

A voice so dear,                                                             

Nor taste again

The love of you,

The while I muse

Be cause regret,

Precious days

I might neglect,

To tell of ways

I loved you then,

The while I lived

This side of when,

Till I should reach

That quite place!


4 thoughts on ““ While I Live ” ~ to not forget ~

    • Once in a while, though more and more difficult now a day, one tries to put aside the issues of cruelty, that composes man’s political self-serving goals and indifference to his fellow beings in the process. Thus so, if but to remember that most of us are not anywhere near being of that ilk of creature, and hence poetic expression must not stray too far from what true and real people experience of meaningful importance. Jean-Jacques Fournier

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