“ Winds ” ~ of pol unrest ~


Of pol unrest

Be errant quests,

Like wailing winds

Whines its chagrin,

He weaves to lure

Around held sins,

By any means

In whiny oracles,  

Meant reel us in,

To so align

The ill elects,

Who will connive

For his convene,

Like shifting winds

Of partisan idiom,

Will blindly be let fly!


2 thoughts on ““ Winds ” ~ of pol unrest ~

    • No dear reader, not a birthday present to a flag nor to those who we’ve long since known unworthy of association with our flag, such as the subject matter of my poem. It words are, rather my unrelenting reflections and continuous exposé of the lack luster politicians, a.k.a. pol. Those unworthy members of society whom we naively continue to believe in and thus hire them to manage our affairs. Doing so by mistakenly voting them into office each election. Ergo duped we are every time, and like a locust plague attacking us every 4 or 5 years we succumb as we have since time immemorial. Jean-Jacques Fournier

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