“ Brother ” ~ just for a time ~


I heard it said

Men’s fortunes died,

And later read

Near nation wide,

While few survived

Were to have cried,

Brother please

Can you spare a dime,

Alas a prelude to the times…


It’s now my stead

Afore I’m meant to die,

Or you’d have read

About my defunct hide,

Tho I shan’t beg a dime

Might you not now

Allow yourself to doubt,

Another’s take

On our alleged debate,

For soon too we be gone,

So spare the while alive

Just for a time,

To be that brother mine!

                                                                              ode to a lost brother


2 thoughts on ““ Brother ” ~ just for a time ~

    • Aside from as you suggest, touching and heartfelt (cri de coeur). My intent was more of a wake up call of reality as to time. We humans have a habit of putting certain things off, often until too late, and then forever live regret. In a perfect life of give and take, one might say my piece offers, tells, or suggests reaching out to circumvent insecurities and arrogation. But there is no perfect in life or in anything else, so at best all we can do is nudge and hope for understanding…and that’s a lot. Jean-Jacques Fournier

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