“ A Dream ” ~ without end ~


I’ve a feeling

I’m tumbling,

In a dream

It would seem,

So explicit

It screams,

Of emotions

In nightmarish


When of sudden

Time halts,

The while I run,

Tho anchored in place

In a body not mine,

Yet frantically numb

Has me frozen in time,

In a dream without end!



2 thoughts on ““ A Dream ” ~ without end ~

    • J’aime et beaucoup son des mots très agréables à lire ou entendre, surtout quand ils sont choisis pour décrire le texte de, mais poèmes. Merci.

      Thank you for your kind words. No need for sorrow here any time as I am very pro bilingualism, being a Canadian, whose country prides itself of having both French and English as its official languages. Jean-Jacques Fournier

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