~ Them There Cats ~ a.k.a. moggies


Big or small

Runt or tall,

Most are homey

And all purr,

How cats tell

Life’s a ball,

Quick to split

When put off,

They do spit

But won’t talk…


Always fussy

Often bossy,

Get their way

Else are pouty…


Stuck up moggies

None seen smile,

Quietly devious

And oh so agile,

But will connive

To stay alive,

As them there cats!


4 thoughts on “~ Them There Cats ~ a.k.a. moggies

    • Living in a household filled with one cool lady and two cool cats, one must work hard to grab a modicum of attention. Alas this latest attempt of poetic yarn about the feline members of society seems to have reaped some benefit.

      Jean-Jacques Fournier

    • I know what you mean… However and alas, though our life as so called humans gives us but one life, it is far longer than poor cat’s nine no matter how you calculate. Mind you I wouldn’t argue against life duration role reversal for many so called humans (whose misery causing categories I leave to your imagination), versus the usefulness of fellow cats. Happy New Year! Jean-Jacques Fournier

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