“ Words I Borrowed ” ~ to touch your heart ~


Words I scribe

Meant not forget

The road I follow,

To flee the depths

There I be yet,

If not for words

Ago inspired,

So perceived

By worthy fellows,

Who fashioned so

Words I borrowed,

Made find inspire

To thus so weave,

Lines wouldst tell

Begs you believe,

Brought an end

To wasted sorrow,

On that fine morrow

Thru words I borrowed

To touch your heart!                                      

                                               ode to Cyrano de Bergerac

                                                        and for Marianne



“ Once More ” ~ just as before ~


I long to see

Once more

As clearly

As before,

The faces

As I’d known…


It’s only now

As I grow wise

I’d realize,

The child then

Did think of life,

As without end,

All to be there

Just as before,

Thus so until

One’s tired eyes

Should be no more!


“ Who You See ” ~ may not still be ~


The who you see

May not still be

The monolith

You surmised,

And begs perceive

The elapsed time

Ought not surprise,

That who you see

Be but an outer shell

Etched so by time,

Wouldst bare a man

Of plus score years

You thus now see,

Yet seems to hide

A real me inside,

The while who I am

Matters not a damn

Who I was then,

Should mirror now

The who you find to see!


“ Misery ” ~ loves company ~


Misery ’tis said

Loves company,

Tho in its stead

Enjoys at times

To fix a stay,

In my poor head,

The while it plays

Its dismal spell,

Planting seeds

Of ominous deeds

Draggled from hell,

When thus for days

Till dusk ignites

I’m made to suffer

Misery’s company,

And alas as many nights!

                                                                                ode to all separatists