“ Once More ” ~ just as before ~


I long to see

Once more

As clearly

As before,

The faces

As I’d known…


It’s only now

As I grow wise

I’d realize,

The child then

Did think of life,

As without end,

All to be there

Just as before,

Thus so until

One’s tired eyes

Should be no more!


6 thoughts on ““ Once More ” ~ just as before ~

  1. Parfois, il vaut mieux avoir la vue troublée afin de ne pas percevoir,de façon trop éblouissante la réalité…

    la part du rêve reste importante…

    • Having troubled vision offering the advantage of not to face reality too focused, to save part of the dream, are indeed wise words spoken by one who truly has the right view of time’s progression. Yet thoughts imposing themselves on the mind are not always as easily blacked out or dimmed as those that physically crowd your eyes. Excellent comment.
      Jean-Jacques Fournier

    • No doubt that is so depending on one’s state of mind, the while using a metaphor out of context, as in half empty or half full. May I say the issue is subject to review upon reaching that certain age. In the meantime happy days at least until and even well after that certain age!

      Jean-Jacques Fournier

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