“ That Other Me ” ~ the one inside ~


Far more often

I ought listen

To the other me,

Who from within

Be like a brother

May have been,

Pressing to tell

I need consider,

What life ensues

In salient glitter,

Risks be a road

Of bogus glimmer

Paving a way to hell!



4 thoughts on ““ That Other Me ” ~ the one inside ~

  1. That Other me ….is Mr Hyde….not necessarily Jekyll’ s dark side , but a half hidden part of our personality buried inside us, that surfaces from time to time.

    Great poem

    • Yes a sort of mister hide in keeping with the Mr.Hyde of Jekyll and Hyde. Mister hides, hidden in one’s open mind to conscience, probity, feelings and judgement. Sadly too often for most of us, hidden out of sight or hearing, or surfacing after the fact. Thank you for your discerning observation. Jean-Jacques Fournier

    • Did you perhaps mean to say that it was good to be ‘reminded’ rather than remembered of, “the one inside”? That we all have one inside, which is sometimes referred to as “conscience”, and which we get in the habit of taking it for granted so long, we end up forgetting or ignoring it is there to help. It does strike a note of sorts, doesn’t it? Thanks for the acknowledgement. Jean-Jacques

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