“ Fate ” ~ in Hades’ shadow ~


Why hold fate

Should so dictate

Our destiny,

With utter power

In its wake

To give or take,

Lest we viewed chose

Our own volition…


Why need fate hide

In Hades’ shadow

To do its bidding,

Meant so condemn

To undue end

Without fulfilling,

Just observance…


So go your way,

Of fate I say

Not of our making,

I’ll have my life

And live it as I may!


2 thoughts on ““ Fate ” ~ in Hades’ shadow ~

    • Ah!… with a little effort or maybe non at all for someone with a sense of laughter, even in Hades one can find humour. A good way out of whatever frame of mind one must have in Hades. Oh by the way, and yes Frank Sinatra’s Paul Anka’s translation for Frank, of Claude François’ original version of “Comme d’habitude”. Interesting on how it all gets linked. Jean-Jacques Fournier

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