“ An Angel ” ~ not a seraphim ~


He’d found an angel

No not a seraphim,

Angelic eyes to chin

Evolved of cherubim,

Her lascivious mouth

And all points south

Even below her shins,

Taunts taste her skin,

So propitious this angel

Be not adverse to sin…


An angel without wings

Made of earthly things,

Embodied in a curvature

Of unholy grace that sings,

As her hypnotic pelvis

Glides softly to the rhythm,

Of a slow languorous swing,

In an angel’s surreal swim…


He’ll not forget or nay neglect

The beauty of perfection’s set,

‘Twould drive a man to yield

So to succumb he must,                 

Thus too a gluteus maximus

Fixed in her goddess limbs,

Hence to arouse tormenting lust                                      

As he awakes therein,

Alas to find ‘twas but a dream

That turned his lust to dust,

And the butt of seraph’s oscitant grin!



5 thoughts on ““ An Angel ” ~ not a seraphim ~

    • Life is full of risks. The more daring, be the more chancy, and for the most part the worthiest! That’s my story and I’m sticking with it. Thank you for caring. Jean-Jacques Fournier

    • Le bout enfin, parle d’histoires, en ce cas le rêve, lesquelles, plus souvent qu’autrement, nous déçoivent. Mais quoi faire, car c’est avec les rêves que les rêveurs, que nous sommes, se maintiennent en vie!

      For English speaking friends; The end, alas speaks of stories, in this case the dream, that more often than not disappoint. But what to do, for it is with dreams that we the dreamers keep alive!

      Jean-Jacques Fournier

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