“ The Enterprise ” ~ our untimely grave ~

I saw sun set

And see it yet,

Rise on the seas

That kept afloat

The enterprise,

I have been told

Meant keep alive,

Man ever bold

Who navigates

Without a soul,

Giant waves

That carries fate

In a ship’s hold,             

That blackish gold

Destined contaminate

Mankind whole,

The while helpless

In mind and soul,

We watch man dig

Our untimely grave!



“ A Summer Heat ” ~ spell risks abate ~


They barely move

In a consuming heat,

Their body bare,                                           

Now less than cool

From head to feet,

The while afloat

In errant duel

Seek to peak

In undulating streak,

To subside languidly

On dampened sheets,

Strive not to wane

That gentle sway,

 In sight of ecstasy…


Now nigh spent

Their will entreats

Its restless tide,

To not await

Spell risks abate,

To keep the course alive

In spite of summer heat!