“ Politician ” ~ on fitting creature ~

Once in a time

Said polite issue,

Ere may hold

Fitting creature

For politician,

Yet even then

The choice of men

Bared err in sight,

Told shy of brain

We’d but bemoan,

Their lack of train…


Tho ne’er too late

To try again,

For a new breed,

Save present bane

Of banana feeding strain!


2 thoughts on ““ Politician ” ~ on fitting creature ~

  1. ‘Twas indeed a test of will, and great effort of restraint, not to express my deeper feelings as to the machinations of these political servants of the people, who in turn have manipulated their employ sufficiently to make of us, their tax paying benefactors into their servants of the politicians and then some. As they live high and compared, we low and pay their bill. JJF

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