“ Masquerades ” ~ as someone else ~


You live a life

That masquerades

As someone else,

Acting a lie

So as to hide,

Thus to get by

You’re dead inside,

Not ever knowing

Who you are,

Lost in a body

Not your own,

A hollow place

To walk alone,

With a sad mind

Behind a face

Of eyes made blind,

To masquerade

As someone else,

Divest of feeling

Living as yourself!


“ Worries ” ~ of another kind ~


There was a time

I thought it fine

And even clever

To be anxious,

Yet in my hurry

To find worry                                                                                          

I was surprised,

I could not find

Disquiet exercised

Might be sorted

From the worthy…


Soon I did find

I’ve little time,

For worries

Of any kind

That tarries

To create,

Fodder bate

For devil’s play

About my head,

Until so weary

I’d want be dead,

To be rid of worry!


“ The Pawnbroker ” ~ said last resort ~


You pawn your soul

For too few coins

Of lesser gold,

To reach the palm

Of pauper’s hold,

These meagre sums

That will not keep

One from the slums…


Said last resort

For respite be,

Pawn seek you now

Tho be of lowly fee,

Albeit a treasure

Pawnbroker’s measure,

For poorly beggars

Be ne’er better

Than pawnman edicts render!


“ Departures ” ~ an empty space ~


You search to find


Thru insouciance,

That might explain

An anxious thought

Of held emotion,

Said fills the heart

Of hollow feelings,

Thus begs express


That so creates,

An empty space,

When you have gone

So far beyond caress,

That I can’t reach

Where you did fill,

This awry empty space!


“ The Face ” ~ he’d known ~

I see the face,

A crowded place

That tells of life,

Would indicate

A past so filled,

Yet but depicts

A slightest trace

Of puerile days,

To hoary layers

Of crinkly grace,

Time so risks take

What’s left to hold

That offers hope

For man so bold,

To skirt a while

His resting place,

And he not find

The face he’d known

Now buried neath

A senescent waste!