“ Life ” ~ sent my way ~


I might’ve stayed

To linger there

Nigh every day,

If reason made

To suffer yet,

The passion

I thought find,

Had so survived

A mindless habit

Caused me blind,

Enough to stray…


Uncertain since,

But despite doubt

I boldly chose  

To stay about,

As mind awoke 

To recognize

The gift of you,

Life sent my way,

Hence find admit

Fate meant us fit,                                                                    

And thus aware

I should forever stay! 


12 thoughts on ““ Life ” ~ sent my way ~

    • What you refer to as articles, are poems of a particular style, my style, and absolutely not articles. They are written short purposely, ergo with an economy of words, the fewer the better. Somewhat like an abstract paintings if you will. The intention is to get the reader to feel a part of the life of the matter exposed in the poem’s story, as a participant or observer, however he or she see themselves. So no question of longer, as for me shorter is better. All the same thank you for your interest

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