“ Sent From ” ~ my iThing ~

This old line,

‘That says it all’

Can but appal,

When combined,

With ‘sent from

My iPhone’

Or ‘sent from

My iPad’

Meant to define,

As an addendum

In today’s time,

Wants let you know

Some dumb thing

Has arrived,

Now on the line

And possibly alive!

                                                                                     I love my iThings !


19 thoughts on ““ Sent From ” ~ my iThing ~

  1. This iThing is just there to remind you “iHave it” and may be you haven’t … Apple did its iJob….

    New way of communicating….free commercials sent via iCustomers all over the world. Apple nous prend pour des pommes! Apple take us for granted!

    Great poem that remind us how manipulated we are .

    • And let’s not forget… to mention our so called progress which has rendered most so called humans less so, and rather less caring for one’s fellowman. We now too often use this communication magic as a substitute for seeing, talking, and feeling or being there to touch. Sadly this option for too many, negates the need to be in each others presence. JJF

  2. I like this post very much. I will definitely be back again. Hope that I will be able to study far more helpful posts then. Will be sharing your wisdom with all of my associates!

  3. Have no idea precisely how I get dragged directly into reading through all these opinions, but it is of course great to learn that others can make them from the outset. Well , I appreciate the read and continue writing, I might get inspired to undertake exactly the same someday.

  4. Exactly, what can you say? Not every person has the same thoughts but it’s good to see a diverse range of thinking. Makes you settle back and question your personal habits and preconceived ideas at times.

  5. Absolutely concur with what you said. Your explanation was certainly the easiest to understand. I tell you, I usually get irked any time people talk about issues that they obviously don’t know about. You managed to hit the nail on the head and spelled out everything with out problem. Possibly, people can get a sign. Will likely be back to acquire even more.

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