“ The Clavier ” ~ and felling trees ~


Fingering keys

For words that tell

Of thoughts

Meant to please,

Others may well

Point the way

That leads to hell,

Tho fingering keys

Spares bits of paper

Made of felled trees!

                                                          © Jean-Jacques Fournier 


2 thoughts on ““ The Clavier ” ~ and felling trees ~

  1. I cannot help but think of a recent tragic incident, ending with a love text-ed message causing the fatal accident, via a cell phone clavier! Knowing that you abhor this kind of device messaging, I understand your poem is only referring to that of computer use…
    Fun poem about now modern day life style’s permanent habit !

    • Yes, of course I refer to the good, bad, and sad sides of computer science evolution, and its social impact. J J

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