“ Body In Motion ” ~ a composition of life ~


I watch beguiled

The body move

At mesmeric pace,

I marvel

At the beauty

Of her grace,

A striking figure

Neath satin skin

Of golden colour,

Its sensual muscles

Rippling so within,

Taut and glistening

As her body bursts

In undulant dance,

That elongates

And counteracts

To articulate,

A composition

That speaks of life,

Yet needs no words

To tell its story…


Hence as she soars

Like a bird of Jove

Does so express,       

The alluring motility

Of a body in motion!



“ A State of Amity ” ~ once upon a friend ~


That first breath

Of amity,

Gives on occasion

A propitious sense

Suggesting a state

Of enduring depth,

That thus infers

Its ensuing leads

To lasting friendship

Of affability,

And resilient so

As to bathe lifelong

In honest reserve…


Save said breath

Be given voice

Of jaundice choice,

How then inflicted

Might one deny

Its rootless stand,

Germinated so

In dubious ethics,

Ne’er more to be

Than a gasp

Of shallow purpose,

Thus to express

A state of amity

That belies no less,

Once upon a friend

Did but  forever live,

In a self serving façade!