“ Friend ” ~ a singular entitlement ~


 Why do they call me friend…


What is their cause

Or purpose

To judge me worthy,

That they should levy

Such expression of regard,

Entrust this much


To be bestowed

Upon my person,

Thus be asked to manage

With this impressive status…


And to this title friend,

A singular entitlement,

Who possesses

Such impartiality

Could deem me deserving,

Or capable indeed

To discharge such obligation,

Required and implied

When one is given title,

That of being called friend…


Why do they call me friend!


4 thoughts on ““ Friend ” ~ a singular entitlement ~

    • Yes, serious business indeed thank you. Now if we could only tolerate each others shortcomings, by recognizing our own as easily as we recognize the other’s, maybe more would survives to be kept alive.

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