“ On Wings of Cacoethes ” ~ a risky flight ~


You’ve been there

Times before,

Save you don’t care

To suffer reason

That explores,

So swallow pride

And pay the fare,

To climb aboard

As had before

For yet another ride,

On wings of cacoethes,

Hence risk anew

A now familiar plight,

For one more try,

Hopeful this flight

May find way round,

To get you where

Fate this time holds

You’ll see the light,

To get the point

And set things right,

Though risky flight

On wings of cacoethes!

                                                                                         ode to set things right


4 thoughts on ““ On Wings of Cacoethes ” ~ a risky flight ~

  1. It’s more adventurous, for the mind, to fly on the wings of cacoethes than on the ones of a cockatoo. ! In both cases, you have to be careful with the landing…

    Joke apart, I like this poem a lot.

  2. Though it obviously leans toward the serious, it pleases me that as in painting and other art forms, poetry can also, as it did in this poem, invoke the reader’s imagination to find humour. Good for the soul.

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