“ Reflections ” ~ of a changing eye ~

He still sees clearly

The laughter

In her eyes,

Often times

Meant but to hide

The anguish

Felt inside,

Or to hold back

A mother’s tears

When in its stead

A warm embrace

Would take its place…

While yet unknown

As sheep said black,

Set to make tracks

Upon a world untried

He’d soon discern

Life’s perilous facts

Bids not an easy ride…

More than enough

Of life’s reflections,

He thus awakens

To look back

On years ago,

Where lines of colour

Now so blurred,

He barely sees

The faded image

Of what he’d lived,

Ever more obscured,

Thru reflections

Of a changing eye!                           Ode to mothers…


2 thoughts on ““ Reflections ” ~ of a changing eye ~

  1. Bel hommage en vers à ta mère que je n’ai pas connue mais dont tu sais animer le souvenir par des mots sur un papier ou en parole. Elle reste dès lors très présente et j’ai l’impression de l’avoir rencontrée.

    • It pleases me no end to hear that my humble choice of words can create such a vivid picture, so as to give you a feeling of personally knowing the beautiful person she was.

      Thank you for your kind words.

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