Living Life ~ matters of body and soul ~

I want to walk

About as if forever

I’m to be around,

I want to feel

The texture

Of the ground

That be the world

Which so surrounds

The life I am,

I want to know

I can so look

With assiduity

That I may feel

With all my being,

While I learn to touch

The air I breathe…

I want to taste

Of life and so devour

Hungrily each morsel

Of every shade

Or colour,

I want to smell

The fragrances

That embrace

My existence,

Till I no longer be,

But not until

My spirit opts to fly

To find a place

Worthy of life’s race,

Hence so to glimpse

Thru wizened eyes

That can but see,

Living life

Be matters

Of body and soul!


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