“ A Worried Mind ” ~ despite ample tries ~


I haven’t time

For a worried mind,

Nor am the type

To fuss about,

With niggling tripe

Gives in to doubt,

As would the sort

Just lets it tarry

To state of dread,

Instead of abort

Before you’re led,

Where a devil bids

To worry your head…


Hence concern not    

On things a pity,

One exercised

To pass the buck

Of responsibility,

Who’d but surmise                                                                                                                    

You’d find no cause,                                                                                              

To scrutinize                                                                                

Anxiety’s worry,      

Despite ample tries      

Save trying wise,

To shun a worried mind!

                                                – ode to we who ideate -


“ Wanting To Know ” ~ all that I should ~


I wanted to know

All I ought sow

Witless I could,

Said thus to grow

As I hence would,

Mentally held so

From a first step,

To fractured words

Not yet understood,

In retrospect

Held become clear,

Though I await

The while I fear,

Awaited wisdom

Trusted appear,

Vacates my recall

From coveted keep,

Be prized most of all…


Alas where to go

From so long ago,

Attempt find whom

Had gotten to know,

Or who might tell

Not long yet gone,

Tho likely in hell

As I may as well,

Try wanting to know,

Now all that I should!


“ A Memorable Stay ” ~ shades of an instant ~


There is a bend

In a road ahead,

Should you intend

Muse in its stead,

Thus want ponder

If there be stock,

Suffice grant stay

Left on ones clock,

Said beyond yonder…


If fate finds lend

This road gives way,

To live beyond

Prescribed advent,

Think worth amend

Chose to so bound,

Composing hence  

New journey found,

For an hour or a day

Of this new born play,

Tho shades of an instant,

Be yet a memorable stay!


“ A State ” ~ of coulda, woulda, shoulda ~


One ought want find

Avoid the pall,

Of a state inclined

To suffer stall,

Abiding coulda

To survive,

A mental bent

Of less than wild,

Thru vacillating

In woulda tried,

Instead of plunging  

Both feet in the tide,

Though ne’er but clear

One shoulda chose the ride,

Save to discover the other side

Of procrastinator’s thin abide,

To suffer coulda, woulda, shoulda,

And thus forgoing the worth while!


“ Looking ” ~ for quiescent fit ~


Here I sit

Musing still,

In a place

That resembles

A dark pit,

Inside my mind

A state of unlit,

Wants thought denied

If only for a bit…


Oh what a rest

This would be,

If I should find

Bide in quiescent fit!

                                              ode to a friend in need of time  



“ Ricochet ” ~ impacting life ~


Feels but a ricochet

Hurdling every way,

Bounced around

With growing rancour

Obliquely rebound,

Made seek proper anchor

Wants hold ones ground,

While life impacts

Man’s reckless measures,

Of greedy need for more

Wouldst force impose,

The unsuspecting

A said like thralldom,

By designated elects

Who falsely contrive,

They’ve ruling rights,

On we, their gullible advocates!